Because We Care…

de Belder Kids® loves nature & animals, they are a great inspiration for our design and we always feel happy being surrounded by nature. We care and want to make sure our future kids will be able to enjoy it as much as we do. 

We believe the fashion world can be original, creative and fun in an eco/sustainable way, we will focus on the respect of the environment in every step, on the workers rights, using organic, biologic and recycled fibre certified by Oeko-Tex and Gots. 

All our products are produced from 100% organic Aegean cotton. Organic cotton is healthy, robust and durable. Clothes made of organic cotton are breathable. Its production does not harm the environment and even ensures that the people who produce it live respectfully in friendly atmosphere.

The production of textiles from organic cotton results in 98% less water pollution and 94% less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional methods. It saves more energy and water.

It is the most natural and reasonable form of production for the diversity of nature for sustainable agriculture and the environment, not only for us but also for the health of future generations.

Our printing techniques are digital printing which has less impact on the environment. We are also a brand focusing on unisex clothing so range becomes more versatile and inclusive. 

For every choice we make we will always choose the most environmental friendly materials to improve our impact on the planet, this because we care, and by choosing de Belder Kids products you will also show that you care.💚